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Testimonials from Adventurers | Christine Mitchell

Here at ClevrPlus Carriers, experiences with our customers and our carriers are something we always want to share. In a series of blogs, we are going to be posting testimonials and thoughts shared with us by our faithful adventurers:



Christine Mitchell hiking with her daughter


Christine Mitchell (@Mama_bear_runs_indy)


“It really saves my back and shoulders from pain, and I can go much further with her now as opposed to a front carrier.”


Christine Mitchell (@Mama_bear_runs_indy) is a mother of a two-year-old girl. Her friend got her into hiking which makes her become an avid hiker. 

Most weekends, Christine's husband is away at work, so they don’t get to go on outdoor adventures together. Rather than staying at home or hiking alone, Christine runs a women's hiking group where she lives. The group currently has more than 2000 members. 

Christine owns a Canonero Baby Backpack Child Carrier. She said the carrier provides great convenience for carrying her daughter when she hikes with other women. This is the only way she can take her daughter on a hike easily.

“It really saves my back and shoulders from pain, and I can go much further with her now as opposed to a front carrier.”

This is thanks to the straps and hip belt of the Canyonero carrier, which are comfortably padded and the carrier features energy-absorbing lumbar padding that keeps the user cool and secure. 



Christine and her daughter on Clevr carrier



Since Christine and her daughter can hike with the ClevrPlus Carrier, the outdoors has brought both of them great physical and mental benefits.

“Hiking is just what the doctor ordered! I feel revived and refreshed, even though I was up at 6 am,” Christine said in one of her Instagram posts. 

“It keeps me young and fit and helps me manage stress!” Christine added.

“I had an amazing childhood but never hiked until I was an adult,” said Christine. Thus, after experiencing the power brought by hiking, she took her daughter with her. She hopes her daughter has this kind of different experience at a young age. 

“Wanting better for them doesn’t always mean money or a big house. In our family, it means unique experiences,” Christine explained. 

Influenced by her mother, Christine’s daughter also falls in love with being outdoors.




Of course, accumulating different experiences comes with some challenges. Sometimes, her daughter makes a fuss while hiking. Christine had to give her snacks and try to keep her happy.

Christine also shared her hairy moments on her hiking adventure.

“Safety is always our number one priority, however, in Arizona, we were on a trail with high water. I was walking on some steppingstones when the guy behind me lost his balance and had the nerve to grab on to my Clevr Carrier with my baby in it! I kept my balance, he ended up fully submerged.”

Fortunately, it was just a false alarm. Christine's experience also tells us that we should look around and watch out for safety while hiking.


As usual, in the end, there are many good places for family adventures. Christine recommends: “Arizona, Tukey Run State Park in Indiana, the White Mountains New Hampshire, Hocking Hills Ohio.”