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Testimonials from Adventurers | Gabrielle Anne

Here at ClevrPlus Carriers, experiences with our customers and our carriers are something we always want to share. In a series of blogs, we are going to be posting testimonials and thoughts shared to us from our faithful adventurers:


Gabrielle Anne carrying her son with ClevrPlus Carrier and caught a fish.

Gabrielle Anne (@shaker_outdoors)


“The carrier has been on countless hunting and fishing adventures and has held up very good!”


 As a hunter, fisher, and outdoor enthusiast, Gabrielle Anne (@shaker_outdoors) started taking her little son hunting and in the woods at a really young age in Pennsylvania.


 “My husband and I love all things outdoors. When we started a family, it was very important for us to get them involved in the outdoors at an early age. We want our sons to grow up hiking, hunting, and fishing and getting to really appreciate the beauty around them and all it has to offer,” said Gabrielle.


Usually, it’s a challenge to hike with little kids. Our ClevrPlus baby carrier backpack did a great job in assisting Gabrielle's family adventures. The backpack was designed to be light weight and facilitate children’s weight as ergonomically as possible.


 “We have the ClevrPlus deluxe carrier, and it has been the best purchase… we hiked up and down a mountain for around 5 hours shooting an archery course. The carrier has been on countless hunting and fishing adventures and has held up very well! Lots of storage and very comfortable!” 


Gabrielle Anne Family

 Gabrielle Anne's Family


“At first, we would hike or hunt during nap time and he would sleep in the pack. But then if we would go after work it would be too late for a nap and he was starting to get mobile and wanted to walk. “


One of Gabrielle's greatest challenges have been adjusting to her son's different growth stages and needs.


“From 10 months to 12 months, our adventure involved a lot of snacks and toys hung on the (Child Carrier) pack. “


Thankfully the ClevrPlus carrier had enough storage for all that was needed on her adventure.


  Gabrielle Anne and Her Son


“So, looking back we are glad we just stuck with it and didn't stop what we loved to do because it was more difficult.”


Outdoor activities have positively affected Gabrielle's little son, both physically and mentally. She would let him climb and play with anything outside, which made him physically stronger. Mentally, it made him smart enough to take cautious risks and aware of things


In the end, there are many good places for family adventures. Gabrielle suggested: “Seven Springs in PA is great to get your little one out and learn archery. Smoke Hole Resort in WV has a lot of hiking and can learn to fly finishing there.”