Testimonials from Adventurers | Ilan Yofi


Here at ClevrPlus Carriers, experiences with our customers and our carriers are something we always want to share. In a series of blogs, we are going to be posting testimonials and thoughts shared with us from our faithful adventurers:


Ilan Yofi (@ilanyofi, @hippieandaveteran)


“I don’t think there is any other way we would be up for hiking if it weren’t for your bag.”


Ilan Yofi (@Ilanyofi) and his wife are a couple of adventurers who started a 501c3 to help veterans access Alt PTSD Treatments. He spends most of his adult life outdoors. He said being outdoors has become part of his life and having a child changed nothing about that. 

Ilan has been bringing his son outdoors since he was little. Now, his son is 4 years old and is so used to being outdoors that it’s natural for him. 

“The only problem I’m starting to have is trying to get him to go home,” Ilan said half-jokingly.


Ilan Yofi (@ilanyofi, @hippieandaveteran)


Outdoor adventures can be exciting, but Ilan's family has had their share of tense moments. Once, Ilan's family was at the Grand Canyon campground, which was home to many deer. As their son moved closer to a buck they encountered, Ilan and her wife felt nervous. They didn’t know what it will do or if it will harm them.

“He started towards a buck and the buck stood its ground… Luckily the buck was nice and didn’t do anything threatening at all,” Ilan told us.


 Ilan Yofi (@ilanyofi, @hippieandaveteran)


Outdoor activities change Ilan’s son a lot. It taught him to focus, order, and be patient.

“It has shown him his limits. Let’s him learn his abilities and how far he can go. He’s dexterity, which is crazy for a little kid. It also helps him with following our directions. He knows it’s dangerous, so he needs to pay attention to mom and dad and what we are telling him,” said Ilan.


 Ilan Yofi (@ilanyofi, @hippieandaveteran)


Ilan’s family owns an Urban Explorer and Canyonero child carrier. Ilan spoke highly of his carriers, “It makes hiking 100% better. I don’t think there is any other way we would be up for hiking if it weren’t for your bag.” 


He also raves about the abundance of backpacks’ storage. “It’s so helpful when out on the trail. Room for snacks, blanket, and extra clothes for any mishaps. Making the detachable section was a great idea! It’s always helpful when someone can lighten your load.”


“Having shade and rain cover is so helpful in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing to stop us from getting out. I would buy the bags 10x over,” Ilan added.



As usual, in the end, there are many good places for family adventures. Ilan recommends we should go to any of our national parks for adventures because “People need to see them appreciate this lovely country we live in. It is truly beautiful.”