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Tips for Hiking in the Desert with Kids



Hiking in the desert can make you feel the amazing power of nature. It can be challenging to bring your children along to see the wonders of the desert. Here are some tips for taking kids hiking in the desert.




  • Diurnal different temperatures

When we mention desert, the terms that come up to our mind first are “hot” and “dry.” And yes, the desert can get extremely hot during the daytime when the sun is out. Hiking in the desert heat all day will probably exhaust you and leave you sweating heavily. The hottest time of the day is around 3 pm, so you'd better avoid hiking during this time, especially during the summer.

However, once the sun goes down, the temperature suddenly changes, which can leave you cold. Because though sand can absorb the heat quickly, it doesn't retain heat very well. Therefore, you have to bring layers of clothing, so that you can block the sunlight and keep warm in the desert.



  • Bad weather

Also, you really need to pay attention to the weather forecast before your trip. There are many kinds of bad weather that can be dangerous in the desert if not taken care of. High wind is the most common weather in the desert. It picks up sand that can lower the visibility. There may be anticipated torrential rain and lightning if you’re hiking in a desert that is experiencing monsoon season. To protect your kid from sunburn and rain, you can put your little one in our CANYONERO BABY BACKPACK CHILD CARRIER. It has a sun canopy and rain cover to help keep your baby protected, cool, and dry during all weather conditions. But it's worth noting, that thunderstorms can cause flash floods and lightning strikes. In this case, change or cancel your hiking plan.



Hydrate before you hike and bring extra water on your trip. The heat of the desert and the exercise will cause you to lose water quickly. Don't wait until you are thirsty, because by then you will have lost more water than you replaced. In the same way, remind your child to drink more water, even if they don't say they're thirsty.

Carrying several water bottles is annoying, so a backpack with enough storage is helpful. The CANYONERO BABY BACKPACK CHILD CARRIER has an extra-large storage area to hold the included baby changing pad, bottles, diapers, sweaters, phone, and keys. No need to carry extra bags along. The back pocket is even insulated so you can bring cool snacks or bottles along.

In addition, electrolytes will help you stay hydrated, but they are lost through sweat. Thus, it’s a great idea to bring some electrolyte tablets with you.

Also, you can bring a water filter if you want to drink from some known water sources on your trip. But don’t just hope you’ll find water while you hike. Do the research and plan it out before you leave. Avoid sugary beverages and alcohol because these substances will cause increased fluid loss in your body.



Do some research on the plants and animals in the area you plan to go to. Animals such as bees, rattlesnakes, and scorpions are living in the desert, avoid conflict with them to ensure your personal safety. Make sure to warn children of the dangers of cactuses before your little one gets hurt by their spines.



  • Water
  • Water filter
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglass
  • Clothing: long-sleeved shirt, lightweight pants, jacket, rain jackets, socks, hiking boots
  • Baby carrier with enough storage